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About Hardin ISD

About Hardin ISD

The Hardin Independent School District has experienced a rich history since its inception in 1941. It was then that five smaller schools combined to create Hardin ISD. From that point, Hardin ISD has proudly maintained a family atmosphere that is dedicated to bringing together its students who live in such a geographically large district. The district’s boundaries run from the city limits of Liberty north to the Polk County line, a distance of approximately 30 miles. East to West, the district’s attendance lines run from Hardin County to the Trinity River, a distance of about 15 miles.

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    Map of Hardin ISD

Vision and Mission Statement


  • The mission of Hardin ISD is to provide students a valuable education in a safe, learning environment while supporting all stakeholders with the highest level of excellence, honor, and integrity.



  • The vision of Hardin ISD is to create the best climate for students, staff, and the community while providing opportunities for students to achieve all academic goals by the end of the 2027 school year. 



  • 75% of all students will attain meets level proficiency in math.
  • Continue to implement KAT Strategies with fidelity, connecting with social-emotional learning. 
  • Staff will show documentation of KAT Strategies in lesson plans and this will be observed through walkthrough data.
  • 90% of students will meet their AR point goal each six weeks.
  • All students will practice math fluency daily, utilize math manipulatives, and engage in critical thinking while making real-world connections through problem solving. 
  • Provide opportunities for all students to build connections that enable them to practice soft skills, collaboration, and critical thinking.
  • Prepare students to become productive members of the community through effective use of technology, collaboration, and critical thinking.